Will Apple eventually enter the cryptocurrency field?

Apple may be increasingly interested in encrypted assets, according to a new recruitment announcement.

Apple has released a list of jobs looking for workers with experience in encryption, and the job posting shows looking for a business development leader for their Apple Wallet, payments and business teams. The position requires “5 years or more working experience as a payment provider, such as digital wallet, BNPL, express payment, cryptocurrency, etc.”

At the same time, the Apple Wallet, payments and Business (WPC) team pointed out in the recruitment message, “We are looking for a professional in global alternative and emerging payment solutions. We need your help in defining the implementation model for forming partnerships and business models, identifying key participants and managing alternative payment partners, and developing strategies. This position will be responsible for the final business development, including selecting partners, negotiating and concluding business agreements, and launching new projects.”

Speculators talk about encrypted assets around iPhone and Mac producers, and they are trying to do what they are good at. However, this message can also be a disappointing event when it comes to any noteworthy encryption technology.

Apple is only required to have experience in encryption, there is no mention of cryptocurrency anywhere else in the list, and the names of Bitcoin or Ethernet Square are definitely not mentioned. In fact, this role seems more likely to serve Apple Wallet apps, including Apple Pay Cash and other payment options.

So will the tech giants in Cupertino support bitcoin?

The impact of Apple’s ability to make encryption software will be huge, but it is likely to face as much resistance as Facebook faces. Apple supports encryption to some extent, especially in its wallet system, which in itself will be a boon for the adoption and use of encryption assets. However, judging from the list of recruitment requirements, there seems to be no sign that Apple has come up with such a plan, but Apple’s mere mention of encryption can cheer the market up.

After competitors like Samsung offered encrypted wallets not long ago, Apple did not support encryption too much, but adopted a wait-and-see approach.

However, Apple’s plans can be changed. It is well known that they are late at the beginning of the game. In order to break the previous practice, Apple has introduced something very simple and effective. When Apple uses encryption, they may accept encrypted assets faster than ever before, but now is not the time.

At the same time, it seems that some companies are preparing for Apple’s participation, and Coinbase has already included Apple’s paid graphics when updating its mobile app. An image asset called “CardGoogleApplePay” in the Coinbase application code is considered to be important evidence to support ApplePay inbound.

But whether Apple will eventually step into the cryptocurrency field is still the focus of news in the industry.

More market insight: https://www.jrfx.com/en/education/market-insights.html



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